Since opening for business a few seasons back, our Brooklyn based pals at The Hill-Side have earned quite a following with their old school charm and vintagey fabrics. Their line of sharp ties, pocket squares, handkerchiefs, and (recently added) scarves in selvedge denim, chambray, oiled and waxed canvas, and hickory stripe duck cotton brings old-timey dandies, work wear enthusiasts, and denimheads together with a little something for everyone.

We unpacked our first box from The Hill-Side gang late yesterday afternoon, and the smiles came fast and easy. Most of the scarves are already up on BlackbirdBallard.com (click here to check them out), and the rest will be up shortly. In the meantime, scroll down to get a feel for the collection, and check out our Ballard stores, call 866.500.2524, or email info@blackbirdballard.com to score yours before everybody else gets a shot at them. Enjoy:

Ties by The Hill-Side, from left to right:
S55-015 Selvedge "Covert" Chambray tie in grey $80
S55-016 Selvedge "Covert" Chambray tie in black $80
S55-018 Selvedge "Covert" Chambray tie in red $80
S55-019 Selvedge "Dobby" Check tie in indigo white $80
S55-020 Selvedge Chino tie in black $80
S55-021 Selvedge Organic Canvas tie in green $87

Bandanas by The Hill-Side, from left to right:
S21-004 Selvedge Chambray bandana in kyoto violet $46
S21-006 Selvedge Chambray bandana in stone indigo $46
S21-007 Selvedge Chambray bandana in natural $46
S21-008 Hickory Chambray bandana in pale indigo $46

Scarves by The Hill-Side, from left to right:
S70-003 Selvedge Chambray scarf in plum violet $80
S70-007 Selvedge Chambray scarf in natural $80
S70-006 Selvedge Chambray scarf in stone indigo $80