When designing the Blackbird Hazlewood Jean we wanted to create one detail that we had made ourselves. Since nobody new how to weave fabric for the pocket bags, nor did they want to hand-paint fake selvage, Lauren came up with the idea to hand stamp our leather labels with BLACKBIRD.

Below you can see Lauren's work bench where she hand stamped and hand cut over 300 heavy waxy leather labels for each pair of our jeans. Although this took a hell of a long time and blistered her hands, the outcome is making everyone happy.

We hope you enjoy this home-spun detail on your new pair of Blackbird jeans.


PLEASE NOTE: We reshot the Hazlewood Jean on Tyler since he chose the size he would have bought (extra tight) which came across too tight in the photos. Here is what they look like after a day or two of stretching out. This is a more accurate fit if you size down 1 size. For an even more casual fit, buy your size. They all work.

After <-> Before