Grants Golden Brand - Pomade

A superior quality, medium weight, water based pomade that gives your hair a high gloss with a very strong hold. One weight designed for all hair types, add a little or a lot. Great for holding tall pomps, distressed mess or the clean cut business man look. Add water for a wetter slickback look. This pomade is water based, so it washes out easily. It doesn't dry out or get hard so you can continuously restyle for hours without the stiffness of gels. Made in the good old USA.

We styled Tyler Johnson's hair with a little Grants Golden Brand Pomade for our Levi's Vintage Clothing shoot last week and boy did it do the trick! We used about two dollops rubbed until hands and worked all the way through his hair. Then we combed it all back (sides and all) and then gave the top a little push forward. Easy.