LinkWe know that Spring shipments are just starting to arrive, but we felt compelled to express our excitement about a new line our buyers just picked up for Fall/Winter 2010. They've got a great backstory (keep reading) and a compelling design perspective that is at once heritage-referencing and forward thinking, and we're psyched to have them on board next fall.

Scroll down to read their family history and check out a few of their Fall '10 lookbook shots. Also, check out their recent feature on Hypebeast here.

The Story

Parents of 14 children in outback Australia, Richard Whillas and his wife, Catherine, constructed their own oilskin cloth using a wringer mangler and a combination of waxes and oils found on the local land. Known for its functionality and durability, oilskin cloth would be ideal for everyday use for their family against the harsh Australian bush.

Eventually, they and five of their sons would begin manufacturing outerwear garments, first for Australians and then worldwide. These products would fall under the brand name "Kakadu Traders Australia."

Nearly 40 years on and in its third generation of Whillas family, Kakadu supplies tough, reliable outerwear products to over 50 countries around the world.

Based on the same foundations and standards of the established outerwear brand, "Kakadu," Whillas and Gunn combines timeless rugged Australian outerwear with contemporary styling and a polished fit.

With an unsurpassed attention to detail and quality, Whillas and Gunn garments are ready for both country and urban living and will no doubt stand the test of time in both durability and style.

Whillas and Gunn is part of a proud Australian family company that has been producing lifetime products since 1972.