77 year old American leather-maker, Moore & Giles is bringing their Airstream full of leather bags, wallets and accessories to BALLARD to give you an opportunity to shop the entire collection.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see all the models and leathers up front and shake hands with the people that make it happen.  You will also be able to purchase any item that day to be delivered to your home the following week. 

APRIL 9th & 10th
Where: Giant Airstream parked in front of The Field House
Beverages and light refreshments will be served


Moore & Giles was founded in 1933 in Lynchburg, Virginia during the heart of the Depression by Donald Grame Moore. Previously a purchasing agent at the Craddock-Terry Shoe Corporation, he lost that job in a massive layoff catalyzed by poor economic conditions.

Originally a supplier of “findings”, the Company sold a broad range of components used in footwear constructions to manufacturers in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

When Donald Moore’s son-in-law, W. Vernon Giles, joined the Company in 1935 the name was changed to Moore & Giles. In the 1950s, sales territories were expanded to North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.

Donald Moore remained with Moore & Giles until his retirement in 1966 at the age of eighty-eight. Ironically, in the same month that his grandfather retired, Mr. Moore’s grandson, Donald Moore Giles, joined the company. Today, he continues to serve as the Company’s Chairman.

Up until the 1980s, Moore & Giles’ primary business had been shoe upper leather, leather lining and sole leather, representing a variety of domestic tanneries. As domestic production declined, the Company diversified as a leather resource to other industries, primarily to the home furnishings industry, but also to the marine and athletic arenas..

In the early 1990s, leather sales to the home furnishings industry became Moore & Giles’ primary focus and it moved away from the more price-sensitive, commodity-type leathers to more natural tannages and finishes. These pioneering efforts brought a fashion approach to home furnishings that showcased the visual and tactile beauty of natural leather. During the past fifteen years, strategic partnerships with tanneries in Spain, Italy, New Zealand, South America and the Far East have been cultivated to stock an extensive and innovative product portfolio at the Company’s new facility at 1081 Tannery Row in Forest, Virginia.

The turn of the century saw the business expand its focus from residential manufacturers to an even larger base of architects, specifiers and interior designers, primarily in the high-end hospitality, residential and aviation design arenas. From the lobbies and rooms of the top hotels, to the interiors of celebrated restaurants, to the spaces within artfully designed homes, our leathers grace some of the most exciting and exclusive design projects around the world.

In January 2007, the Company launched its line of leather bags and accessories as an additional avenue for showcasing the inherent beauty and timeless appeal of its natural leathers. Sold at fine retailers across the country and online on the Moore & Giles Web site, the collection is constantly evolving with new offerings.

Currently, Moore and Giles employs more than 50 people in its headquarters in Forest, Virginia with representation in every major metropolitan area as well as strategic partnerships in England, Germany, France, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Hong Kong.