It's our pleasure to share with you the newest additions to our egg-laying family! I really can hardly believe that these little ladies are real. They look just like some little toy found at a farm town Feed and Seed.

(from left to right: Evie, Lana, Vic, Anna, and Ruby)

New: Evie is a Blue Silkie - this breed has a feather that looks like fur.
New: Lana is a mixed breed called a Golden Sexlink (cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Rhode Island White)
Victoria is a Black Australorp - just like Julia
Ruby and Anna are Araucanas - green/blue eggs

The girls should start laying in Aug or

Life is pretty amazing, to say the least, especially when small reminders like these show up. Come next fall, we'll be enjoying the fruits of their labor, with wonderful omelets, scrambles, and a personal staple of mine, fried egg sandwiches! Let's have a closer look at a few of the troops: Evie, Victoria, and Lana...

Huge thanks to Vernon and Jennifer Winters for sharing the new members of their family with us, and providing fresh eggs to The Field House.