Developed in 1996 in the basement studio of the sculpture department at New York University, the Surface to Air jewelry collection is one of the earliest endeavors from the international fashion and art company. The original two and three finger rings, hand cut and finished from stock 1/4" aluminum, became the predecessors for the vocabulary that now defines the subversive and narrative aesthetic prominent in the collections. Many of the original designs can be seen as three dimensional developments of two dimensional graphic concepts.

This Spring Blackbird is pleased to welcome Surface to Air back in the form of the original two-finger rings as well as a wide assortment of necklaces, featured above and below.

Surface to Air - Success is Fleeting Necklace
DETAILS: 22" Italian silver crimped loop chain with antiqued aluminum bar charm and smaller attached skull charm.

Surface to Air - Inverted Cross with Skull Necklace
DETAILS: 30" Italian silver chain with stainless steel hollow skull and inverted cross charms.

Surface to Air - Beheaded Wolf Necklace
DETAILS: 30" heavy Italian silver chain with raw aluminum sword and antiqued disembodied wolf head charms.

Surface to Air - Bullseye Head Necklace
DETAILS: 30" Italian silver loop link chain with tiny skull charm dangling from a stainless steel ring.

Surface to Air - Wind Screen Charm Necklace
DETAILS: 22" Italian silver crimped link chain with silver bullet and glass gemstone charms.

To see the more of what has to offer from Surface to Air's jewelry collection (including their famous multi-finger rings), click here.

PS: Today is Bob Dylan's birthday. Happy birthday, Mr. Dylan.