The Local Firm sunglasses have been patiently awaiting their knights in shining armor to rescue them from the claws of Blackbird and today we are happy to announce that those knights have been chosen! Yes, ladies can be knights too. Out of the tremendous amount of entries we received, the panel chose to pick two winners and an extra 'honorary' second runner-up!

First we have Rachel from Seattle, who put a Swedish accent on the Baader-Meinhof Gang with this incredible video. We love Volvos, too! Rachel will receive the pair of The Local Firm sunglasses of her choice, as well as a bag of delicious Swedish edibles and a 40% discount off her next purchase at Blackbird!

Second is Veronica from New York City, whose contribution to the spread of Scandinavianism in the United States stretches far beyond the reaches of our humble contest. Veronica throws "Ø," a recurring Scandinavian-themed dance party in NYC. The panel was perplexed by what to do with this submission, as the party wasn't started in honor of The Local Firm, but we decided as a group that her effort was so outstanding that we had to bend the rules a bit and name Veronica a winner. Veronica will receive the second pair of The Local Firm sunglasses, that same bag of Swedish deliciousness and a 40% discount on her next purchase at Blackbird!

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Our 'honorary' third-place winner is Shannon from Seattle. Shannon brought the mighty pen and paper together and gave Abba to us in technicolor! Sure, we said we would only have two winners, but who can say no to Abba? Shannon will get a grand bag of Swedish candy and a 40% discount in our stores!

A big thanks to everyone for sending in their submissions and for keeping the spirit of competition alive! All of our other contestants will be receiving 20% discounts to use at Blackbird. Also, know that we're opening our arms and giving you all a great big eHug, whatever that means.

Tack så mycket!