Diptyque - Ambre Candle
DETAILS: Originally from the 2008 Limited Edition Holiday Collection, overwhelming response has led Diptyque to add Ambre to its permanent collection.

Incense - Incense is the emblematic note of the amber or oriental accord. A note with rich, warm and balsamic accents. Incense is a resin that flows from incisions made in the trunk of the Boswellia tree and that hardens into "tears". The incisions are made in February and March and the harvest of the gum takes place later, up until mid-September.

Rockrose - A plant with an animal, amber, smooth, balsamic note. Key note of amber accords. The rockrose (cistus) is a shrub that mainly grows in the Mediterranean region. It thrives in dry soil in sunny areas. The stems and leaves are covered in glandular hairs that secrete a viscous, opaque and scented resin (labdanum gum) that liquefies under the effect of heat, perfuming the Mediterranean lands with its sweet smell.

Tonka bean - Tonka bean is a typical coumarin ingredient. A sweet, balsamic, vanilla, caramel and honey note. Tonka bean is the fruit of a tree from the Amazon rainforest. These beans are blackish-brown seeds with a very wrinkled texture. The ripe fruits fall to the ground and are collected. They are then dried and split open to remove the beans, from which an absolute or resinoid is extracted. Today, tonka bean is harvested in tropical regions of the Americas (Amazon rain forest) and particularly in Brazil, French Guiana, Venezuela, as well as Guinea and Nigeria.

60+ hours. 6.5 ounces. Made in France.