(from the Seattle Municipal Archives. Click here for a direct link)

Customers often ask us about the meaning of the bell tower across from the shop. The structure holds the refurbished fire bell which was a part of the original Ballard City Hall building, located at the same spot. Between 1890 and 1907, Ballard was itself a city independent of Seattle. Due to numerous issues, though, it was finally annexed by the city of Seattle on May 29th, 1907. Saddened residents rang the trusty bell twenty-two times and flags were flown at half mast. The city hall building remained standing, acting as a precinct police station, until its eventual demolition in 1965.

The above photo shows the original building in all its glory. Blackbird would be located just across the street to the right. Click here to see what it looks like today.

An even older photo of the city hall building, from 1902, when the city of Ballard was in its prime, can be found here.