Orange Art - Brookfield Letterpress Square Notes
in indigo blossom
DETAILS: Indigo Blossom is a clean and classic bit of floral decoration for the traditionalist or denim-head. This hand-wrapped, re-usable letterpress printed box is packed with 150 substantial white 3.25" square notes, each decorated with a coordinating icon that has been printed letterpress.

Orange Art is owned and operated by husband and wife, Carol & John. They began as a wholesale art paper company and expanded that business to art supplies and created a separate company, OrangeArt Stationery, in 1992 with the introduction of their Brookfield letterpress stationery and Orange Art Miniature Books. They live and work in lovely Woodstock, Connecticut. Their offices and warehouse are located in red dairy barns which sit on acres of green grass or white snow depending upon the season.