Fjallraven was kind enough to loan us their Kanken backpack Swedish flag display to hang on our wall here at Blackbird along with the Fjallraven tents, packs and clothing we sell.  This is such a big deal to us because our neighborhood, Ballard, was settled by Sweds and other Scandinavians over 100 years ago and we have a strong culture of Scandinavian traditions and celebrations going on regularly just outside our doors.

The Fjallraven webite is full of history and images from the brand.  I highly recommend spending a Sunday morning with your cup of coffee getting acquainted with this Swedish legend.

 Fjallraven - Kanken
in lots of colors
DETAILS: Vinylon backpack with adjustable shoulder straps, 3/4 zip main compartment, two open side pockets, single small exterior pocket, and reflector logo. Measures 11" x 15" x 6".  HISTORY: Introduced in August of 1978, Fjallraven's Kanken backpack was marketed as an alternative book bag for Sweden's school children because it centered its weight evenly along the spine and allowed both hands to be free. The new backpack was initially marked as a symbol of liberal political views and sometimes called "the Communist Hunchback" by stubborn detractors stuck on the old messenger style bags of their childhood, but Fjallraven's founder, Ake Nordin, hoped to sell 200 Kanken bags in their first year. He sold 400. The next year sales reached 30,000. Thirty years have now passed since the first Kanken was sold, and its popularity has grown far beyond the halls of Sweden's educational system.

Fjallraven - Oban Jacket
in green
DETAILS: Poly-cotton blend M-65 jacket with combination zip and snap closure in army green. This lightweight military style is constructed out of Fjallraven's time tested G-1000 fabric, making it super breathable, almost completely windproof, and equipped with UPF 50+ UV protection. Quick-drying, water repellant, and appropriate for use with waterproofing waxes (think Fjallraven's own Greenland Wax), it comes unlined with four exterior pockets, one interior pocket, and a waist with an interior cinch and adjustable exterior tab. Fjallraven's leather arctic fox arm patch adds authenticity. Throw it on over any of your casual gear, and this jacket will take care of you all year round. Note: this coat runs big so size down for a slimmer fit.

Fjallraven - Greenland Wax
DETAIL: Environmentally friendly wax developed for clothes in G-1000®-fabric. By rubbing the wax into the fabric and warming it, the surface becomes water repellent.  Rub it on and then use a hair dryer to melt the wax into the fabric.  We use it on everything.