GQ's Style Guy just did a little write up on scented candle recommendations (click here for a direct link) which included a mention of the lovely Diptyque. We have been carrying Diptyque for a few seasons now and have been in love with all of their offerings. If you are local, we recommend taking the time to come in to smell and play with all that is available. For those outside of the area, we also carry Diptyque products online on

The article links back to a previous feature, as well, with some of their top choices of scented candles; a list which includes another Blackbird favourite, Comme des Garcons's Avignon..

"Superlative. CdG's scent creations are extraordinary, shocking, entrancing, revolting, mesmerizing, dangerous, psychotically violent. It depends. Avignon is at least three if not four of these and absolutely indispensable to anyone who wants a hypnotic experience. Not in the least understated, Avignon is almost aggressively transporting: The incense of an Orthodox church, dripping wax, liquid darkness, prayers dusted in spice. Better than this, there is not." (Text from GQ. Direct link)