Odyn Vovk - Sleeveless Denim Zip Up With Leather Hood
$699 $419.99

We have talked about this Odyn Vovk piece a couple times before on the blog, but I wanted to play around with a couple of the layering possibilities with it. The above picture shows the classic easy way to wear it; super easy and fit for the summer. What has always excited me about it, though, is how it works under jackets or over more extreme garments.

Here it is worn over the Julius 297CUM26 Draped Vest. It almost seems as if the under layer is part of the hoodie; a subtle twist which always attracts me to a combination.

And here it is worn under a simple tailored jacket. A hoodie with tailored jacket can be rather hit-or-miss but I think the texture and styling of the Odyn Vovk hoodie really adds something great to the look.