DJ Sabzi of Seattle hip hop duo Blue Scholars was asked by Ballard native MC Grynch to do a remix of his song "My Volvo." Sabzi agreed with a few specific terms. As Sabzi says, on his new website/blog...
[...]I said “sure buddy, on 3 conditions:

1. you permit me to make the tune sound even more pop-like,

2. you let me follow you around your neighborhood for an afternoon with a camera, and

3. you write an essay about something Ballard-y.”

He agreed.

Today was the unveiling of all three of those things. Click here for a link to the editorial with Grynch's essay, the resulting video, and Sabzi's remix.

The King Of Ballard from Sabzi (townfolkTV) on Vimeo.

and here is the official music video for Grynch's original song, complete with quite a few Ballard scenes..