Legendary tannery Horween's Chromexcel leather is one of the most unique leathers around today and Alden's iconic Indy Boot (click here for a good rundown on the history of Indiana Jones's must-have boot) is a natural vessel for it. Horween's tanning recipe for this leather has remained virtually the same since 1913. It is an intensive 89-step process that takes a total of 28 days from start to finish.

Below is a very brief rundown of the leather. If you are interested in the specifics of the process, please click here for an incredibly extensive post on Horween's official blog.

(the deep brown of Chromexcel leather, ready to be worn in and abused!)

This entire process creates a beautiful and unique leather with a number of recognizable details. Perhaps the most distinct is the "pull-up" (the displacement of color in the leather) which is a result of the important hot-stuffing process that impregnates the hide with oils, waxes, and greases. This process also softens the leather and adds a bit of water resistency without at all forfeiting strength or durability.

(demonstrating the pull-up of the leather)

These boots will patina beautifully (and quickly) with wear, exposure to the elements, and whatever you might put them through. Highly recommended whether you are passionate of the aging of leather and footwear or simply love the classic shape of Alden's Indy Boot.

Alden - 403 High Work Indy Boot
in brown chromexcel
DETAILS: Originally called the High Work Shoe in the late 1930's, it's been known as the Indy Boot since Harrison Ford wore it in the Indiana Jones movies. Rugged and comfortable, these boots are built to last you for years to come.

STYLE: High Work Shoe Indy Boot, LAST: True Balance, UPPER: brown Horween Chromexcel waxed calf leather, OUTSOLE: oil resistant Neo-Cork sole, INSOLE: leather with the "Made expressly for Blackbird" heel pod, SHANK: steel shank for long-lasting strength and support, LACING: flat cotton lacing through brown agatine and hook eyelets, WELT: black Goodyear leather welt construction, LINING: fully leather lined