Swedish knitwear designer Lars Andersson is a definite Blackbird favorite, as his collection embodies everything we believe in as a company. Hand-knit from his studio in Brooklyn, Andersson relies on no outside production sources to complete his collections, making each piece a beautifully hand-crafted work of art. Each piece he knits is extremely versatile in its wearability, allowing people of any aesthetic or lifestyle to experience what every designer hopes to accomplish: true luxury. This designer's collections fall into the 'you have to see it to believe it' category.

The Fall/Winter 2010 collection is inspired by the dark artistry of Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum. This season offers Andersson's recurrent theme of timelessness with styles romanticizing the politics of the human experience from the pre-historic era to the understated intensity of dark Scandinavian forests.

Andersson doesn't believe that elegance and environmental sustainability are mutually exclusive, and this is evident in his use of natural fabrics, such as cashmere-plated eco-cotton and light linen, constructed to fall in his signature drape.

Quiet and stillness are the motives that resonate through the muted color pallete, ranging from coal black to cool shades of blue-purple.

Ladies keep your eyes peeled, Lars Andersson's equally-as-incredible collection for women is on its way to Blackbird this very moment.