Are you looking for a way to add a little bit of personalization to your prep look this Fall?  How about if you convert your old boring watch strap to a Smart Turnout strap.  They have been outfitting the very best British and American military and higher learning schools for a long while and now you have access to these unique accessories at Blackbird.  You not only get a great looking accessory but each product if in the colors of a particular school or military organization that will give you a story to tell when people pay you a compliment.

Here's what Smart Turnout has to say for themselves:
For years, the name Smart Turnout has only rarely been heard outside Oxford, Ampleforth, the Royal Artillery, and similar strongholds of tradition. To universities, schools and regiments like these, we were the specialist label with the odd name, the one turning their celebrated colours into handcrafted essentials – bespoke cricket sweaters, slip-stitched ties, and hallmarked silver cufflinks.

None of this has changed. What has, however, are the places our grosgrain watchstraps and regimental socks are beginning to turn up. We have it on good authority that some are even calling our collection a vital discovery for the modern gentleman. A discovery? He’s preferred our sort of attire for 300 years.

Smart Turnout stands for what is timeless about British style: vibrant colours, bold patterns and exacting craftsmanship. Maintaining and subtly updating this classic tradition is what makes Smart Turnout distinctive. After all, silk ties and striped socks have been the choice of gentlemen for centuries. We happen to think they look particularly fine in this one.

And our name? A favourite regimental term. It means looking your absolute best.