We just got these photos from Blackbird customer and all around great guy Ken Mitchell, VP of Marketing & Product Development at PMI the makers of Stanley.  He's on some kind of World tour that involves beer, bikes, babes and Blackbird.  He reports that these self portraits sporting our Blackbird jersey were taken on a ride along the Danube, in Vienna maybe today.  Wish we were with you Ken.  Way to support the team! 

Stanley - BPA Free Water Bottle
in 24oz size
DETAILS:  Unique twist and drink lid. Exceptional clarity and unmatched durability compared to polycarbonate. Shatter, stain and odor resistant. Dishwasher safe. Made from a new revolutionary type of plastic, Eastman Tritan Copolyester. Plus it comes with a Stanley lifetime warranty.

p.s. If you send us a photo of yourself in your Blackbird jersey or with your Blackbird mug we would love to put you on the Blackbird blog.