Our obsession with darkness and days of old naturally lead our latest Blackbird series to a new level.  Burglars.  Here is our first man of mystery and doom, Charles Frederick Peace.
“Charles Frederick Peace Wanted for Murder on the night of the 29th inst. He is thin and slightly built, from fifty-five to sixty years of age. Five feet four inches or five feet high; grey (nearly white) hair, beard and whiskers. He lacks use of three fingers of left hand, walks with his legs rather wide apart, speaks some-what peculiarly as though his tongue were too large for his mouth, and is a great boaster. He is a picture-frame maker. He occasionally cleans and repairs clocks and watches and sometimes deals in oleographs, engravings and pictures. He has been in penal servitude for burglary in Manchester. He has lived in Manchester, Salford, and Liverpool and Hull.” – Wanted Poster 1871

In the year Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Two there lived a gentleman by the name of Peace. He was a man of various talents which he used to entertain the townspeople with by day and steal from them by night. Peace was meticulous and a master of disguise, able to distort his facial features; even going so far as to darken his skin tone with walnut oil.
His obsessions extended beyond material and wealth. He was particularly fond of music and one Mrs. Dayson his married neighbor. The two would eventually lead to his demise.  The relationship was unclear but quickly turned violent as Mr. Dayson warned Peace to leave his wife be. Peace responded with a gunshot to the head. Cries of murder flooded the street as Charles disappeared into the night. 

With morning came a new persona, a wealthy chap with an ever growing musical instrument collection and a new wife. As the town settled, a string of burglaries began. Consistent and undetectable he believed himself invisible, but ironically the same could not be said about a lantern he carried one night while he was out robbing.  The reflection captured the eyes of a pair of constables who quickly ran to investigate.  Charles attempted escape but was tackled and taken into custody.  Charles Frederick Peace was hung for his musical life of crime. 

 Blackbird - Charles Fredrick Peace
in black
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