Last Thursday, it was cold, it rained, and I didn't see a part in the clouds all afternoon. At the end of the day I was feeling rather glum, and I wasn't too keen on the idea of taking the bus home at all; rather than put myself through the despair of the impending monotony, and with no other alternatives, I elected to take a different route home – to switch things up a bit, you know.  I have walked up Pike St. hundreds of times, but never before, not even in the deepest darkest corners of my periphery had I ever seen this place:

Backtracking, I gave the place a second look and was quickly beckoned inside. Co-owners, Rachel Ravitch and Nikki Mazzei explained that this was their new business, and this was their first day. My mood swiftly changed for the better.

Welcome to Scenic Drive Factory.
The concept is pretty simple:

They have a rotating cast of artists to display their masterpieces.

They sell bicycle-ready clothing and mercantile goods made from salvaged materials.
They have crafty little weekend and evening workshops hosted by local artists and designers.

You can rent a sewing machine for $7.00 an hour. You get a punch card, pay for ten hours and then you get your eleventh for free.   Until the end of October, if you get yourself there by bicycle, your first hour on the sewing machine is free as a thanks for your self-powered efforts.

open 11:00AM–7:00PM Thursday–Sunday
or by appointment
611 E. Pike Street

Gather up all your little mending projects and check it out!