For the past 3 years, the RVCA Romero has been Blackbird's best selling, go to jean for pretty much everyone that walks in our door.  This season RVCA has streamlined the denim they are using across all fits they carry (Spanky, Chevy and Harmony) so that all jeans come in the same denims which has allowed them to use an even higher quality denim.  Smart!  They have also reworked the Romero Denim Pant to be a little more slim.  It looks really good.

LEO ROMERO BIO (stolen from somewhere)
From the run-down shacks and garbage-strewn vacant lots of Fontucky (also known as Fontana), California, comes the young whippersnapper Leo Romero. Plenty of filmers and fellow woodpushers alike admire Leo for his totally killer style, not to mention his uncanny ability to stomp the biggest sledghammers first try. Yep, he's a well-known handrail / stairs abuser who can, unbeknownst to many, punish lots of other terrain equally well. For example, Leo loves tranny, regularly slashing bowls to pieces.

Leo first started skating around 1997 thanks to his friends, the Death Junkies. Early influences included Jamie Thomas and Andrew Reynolds, which perhaps explains Leo's balls-out approach to shred sledding today. Just a few years back, Leo had to ask permission to spend the night at a friend's house. Now, he's flown the coop to tour the world on his own, regularly skating with the top pros he grew up influenced by.Boyeee comin' up quick!

Always down for business, it's not uncommon for Leo to call up filmers and photographers as often as friends to go skating. For proof of his dedicated work ethic, scope Leo's parts in Emerica's This is Skateboarding, TransWorld's First Love and Foundation's That's Life videos, not to mention his massive 16-page amateur interview in Thrasher, plus a great big pile of other covey.

These days, Leo can usually be found skating in Orange County, California and the Inland Empire, and he recently bought a house in Long Beach, where he rents rooms to filmer Cricket and The Skateboard Mag photographer Adam Conway. Always joking, super funny, and making the most hilarious faces, this kid is totally easy to get along with. As Thrasher put it, "Everybody loves Leo." That pretty much wraps it up for our man. And always remember: take the "r" out of his last name and what do you have? That's right, ladies...Romeo.

 RVCA - Romero Denim Pant II
in worn black

RVCA - Romero Denim Pant II
in raw black

RVCA - Romero Denim Pant II
in raw blue

 RVCA - Romero Denim Pant II
in worn blue