BLACKBIRD on VALET MAG: A SARTORIAL SECRET WEAPON is talking about one of our best selling little do-dads, the Thread Clip in a recent article.

For a gentleman who deeply cares about his clothes, a thread clipper is a very good idea. You've likely seen tailors wield them with the skilled speed of and old school barber—and heard that quick, metallic slice as the blades meet—removing any errant string or loose fibers. Unlike crude, plastic seam rippers, these small shears are precise. Ideal for any job, from trimming the threads around a button hole to removing a label from your jacket's sleeve or collar. This pair here is forged from carbon steel by the Brazilian based cutlery company Mundial. They're not exactly inexpensive, and you can sometimes find them cheaper with some clever Googling, but it's a cathartic experience for someone who delights in the details. And it's more affordable than therapy. $30 Blackbird shop

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