The Brothers Bray & Co. was developed as a lower price point brand by Chris and Kirk Bray to accompany their main focus, Billykirk. Up until this point the collection has been primarily leather accessories, but they were recently invited to work together with Michigan-based shoe company Sebago and came up with two excellent designs which we feel do a great job to represent what the brothers and their brands are about.

The Brothers Bray & Co. - Fairhaven Shoe
in tan
DETAILS: These low top deck shoes are can be worn day and night, whether at the office or happy hour. They are made of tan suede and feature a moccasin toe, repeated white top stitching, four lacing eyelets and black, non-marking, Sebago soles that give ample cushion and stability.

The Brothers Bray & Co. - Fairhaven Boot
in black
DETAILS: These mid-rise, smooth grained leather boots are rugged in appearance and capability. The leather upper features 6 lacing eyelets and two hooks for superior ankle support, a moccasin toe, repeated white top stitching and a white, Sebago brand, non-marking sole that provides excellent comfort and stability.