Campaign furniture has been used in military operations all over the world since the time of Julius Caesar. Sturdy, comfortable, and easily converted into a stowable size, campaign furniture saw wide use by the officers of the British Empire, as they colonized throughout India and Africa in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. British officers expected, and even took for granted, the comfort and standard of living that they enjoyed at home, while living life "under canvas". Our campaign furniture pays homage to the life of these officers as they traveled east, in the name of the Queen.The campaign chair's simple frame is made of Kikar wood, a small and thorny tree grown in India, and folds up nicely for transport. Features include pivoting joints, a reclining back, leather paneling, and support strips made of distressed buffalo hide, known for its durability and supple nature.
Campaign Chair
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The ottoman's simple frame folds up nicely for transport and with the addition of a wooden tray, it doubles as a side table.
Campaign Ottoman
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Campaign Tray
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