The shipment is not quite here, but we couldn't wait to share a couple pictures and an interview with one of our most anticipated designers for the upcoming season. InAisce is still rather young as a brand, but New York-based designer Jona is well-versed in the industry, having largely learned the ropes working with influential figures in Italy and Japan.

(InAisce designer Jona at his Bushwick atelier during our New York visit last summer)

Mary Biosic of Planet Magazine visited Jona's atelier in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn and has produced an excellent article detailing his thought process and methods..
There’s an old Chinese proverb that says “an accidental meeting is more pleasant than a planned one.” In fashion-speak, this paradox in logic simply means that sometimes the last thing you intended to happen can turn out to be quite a welcome surprise. Such is the revelation being made by emerging niche clothing label, InAisce (pronounced “en ah-skuh”; in Gaelic, it means “in vain”), which has been growing an impressive army of female devotees –– despite the fact the line was conceived for men. I recently caught up with Jona, the enigmatic designer behind InAisce, at his busy Brooklyn studio to find out what, exactly, all the fuss was about –– and to try some of it on for size.

I arrive to find Jona cutting muslin pattern samples by hand. Soft-spoken, but direct, he’s layered in pieces from his own collection, including black twisted-seam pants which are molded to his legs, and dark military-ish boots that play with the illusion of being dusted in snow. That’s the first thing you notice. The second, are the rows of quietly subversive garments hanging along old overhead ropes –– the sartorial equivalent of being caught in a beautiful, dark storm. (Click here to continue reading.)
Keep an eye out for InAisce arrivals in the very near future!