Vetiver Black Pepper is the latest scented hair powder by Lulu Organics developed with men in mind.  Upon whiffing the combination of black pepper and coriander oil is sharp and pleasing, forthright in its presentation; slowly the vetiver emerges, it’s numerous dimensions smoky and unplaceable.  

For those curious as to what comprises this delightful dust, it is a concoction made up of ingredients such as organic corn starch, white clay, horsetail powder and fine essential oils.  To boot, this thoughtful little company out of New York City has also considered the green living set—every component of this wonderful stuff is USDA or Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.  Hell, there are even naked ladies on the packaging, and that’s something pretty much everyone can appreciate in some way or another.  

The retail price of Lulu Organics Hair Powder has recently been lowered from $40.00 to $30.00, not to mention that we here at Blackbird hand out free samples of it in the store.  You don’t have sweat those days of unwashed hair anymore, guys.  Get yourself some hair powder and get rid of that grease.  Shop