Here at Blackbird we pride ourselves on the individuality of our staff members (and not in that touchy-feely-team-building-camp sort of way). We really have a lot of peculiar characters manning our shop, and those folks who've stopped in have undoubtedly had the chance to shoot the breeze with one or two of us. We've been thinking that it might be fun if our salesman got to show YOU—dearest Internet—some of their favorite items in the store while simultaneously shedding a bit of light on their personal lifestylings.

Without further explanation, we'd like you to meet Mr. Nico Dolan:

If you've ever been into Blackbird, there's a good chance you were helped out by Nico, our token beardo here at the store. We tossed him a handful of questions and he was quick to chew them up, dare we say with something like a wolf-like voracity:

Blackbird: So Nico, aside from and beyond a need for gainful employment, what initially drew you to Blackbird?

Nico: The first time I came into Blackbird was to check out the DBSS Studded Sneakers knowing full well I could not afford them, but at very least I would try a pair on and roam the store felling like a superstar, upon roaming the store in my tragically unattainable footwear I found a number of other amazing pieces that I instantly fell in love with. I was a regular after that.

Blackbird: Your blog—Deth Wolf Mega Cult—is a curation of found fashions influenced by all things animalistic, occult dealings, heavier metals, and even a little motorcycle gangery (which at the very least explains the name you've given it). Where do you look for these pieces of inspiration?

Nico: I follow a number of blogs and am currently signed up for a couple dozen fashion label mailing lists. My friends are also constantly sending me stuff they know I'll be interested in. There really is no purpose of DWMC. It's just a random culmination of things that inspire or interest me—bikes, taxidermy, deth metal, fashion, savage creatures, evil doers, photos from parties and events. It's all in there. But yes, the title is a play on MC (Motorcycle Club). I have a complete (and likely unhealthy) obsession with motorcycle gang culture and would very much like to chop and bob a Triumph Bonneville and hit the road for the Mojave.

Blackbird: Tell us a little about the development of your personal style. Have you always had an affinity these moody and arcane design sensibilities, or did you start off somewhere a little less scary and gradually develop into the werewolf that you are today?

Nico: It has been a progression through a few variations of the same general concept, though always driven by a more macabre outlook on life. I was really into punk and hardcore when I was in high school, so my style mostly reflected that. After moving to Seattle I developed a passion for sneakers and a number of local brands that associate with that lifestyle, but with a darker aesthetic than your average streetwear brand. That was my first step into fashion or the development of an actual style. That—along with the beard and hair—grew from there. Blackbird played a large role in that over the past couple years.

Blackbird: You're known as an avid collector of all things black, but here and there you'll show up to work in a powdery pink shirt. Although occasional, it seems like an inevitable deviation from your usual inky garb. Explain how the pinkness fits in with the rest of your sartorial repertoire.

Nico: Ha. Well black and purple are my favorite colors to work with so at the time pink did not seem like too much of a stretch, I do get tired of wearing all black all the time. But mostly my love for that "Diet Butcher Slim Skin" shirt has to do with the fit and how comfortable it is, I wore it for 3 days straight when I first bought it. After washing it a dozen or so times with Woolite Dark it is beginning to change colors; it is evolving into this bizarre black and pink mixture. Im falling in love with it more and more by the day.

We asked him to put together an outfit of his favorite pieces (see above picture). Nico is wearing:

CMRTYZ - Micro Shredder in Grey
NOTES: A Blackbird exclusive, CMRTYZ is a two-man, hands-on, DIY operation based out of Ballard, WA. Using basics with interesting hand finishes and gritty graphics these boys sell not only a look, but a way of life.

DIET BUTCHER SLIM SKIN - D103C459 Knit in Black
NOTES: Super lightweight asymmetrical knit parka made from a soft 80% rayon/20% silk blend. Hood lined with a nubby cotton. Lined back yoke. Raw, unfinished hems and cuffs. Very easy layering piece to wear throughout the spring and summer time. Made in Japan

ODYN VOVK - Sheer Gauze Reversable Blazer in Black
Lightweight reversible blazer-style jacket. One layer is made from a super lightweight 100% cotton while the other is a gauzy textured 100% wool. Both sides are connected along the seams and buttonhole. Contrasting stripe runs along the center-back. Single button closure. Made in the USA.

ODYN VOVK - Signature 13-Loop Jeans
NOTES: The return of Odyn Vovk's highly popular slim black stretch denim. Slim leg with a slight taper and subtly twisting seams. Waist fits slightly loose to allow for a more relaxed anti-fit style. Pocket on the right-hand-side thigh with black-coated zip closure. 13 belt loop detail. Small insert of extra fabric at the top of the inseams, between the front and back portions, to allow for more movement. Tough-as-nails triple stitch construction through most seams. Made in the USA.

DIET BUTCHER SLIM SKIN - Big Sneaker in Black
NOTES: Made from a lovely goat suede; soaked in oil before going through an intense aging process to achieve the unique "destroyed" finished. Fully lined with leather with extra-long laces and single side zipper. Built with super tough construction and made to be worn and beat up.

VIM BEGET - Merus Necklace
NOTES: Vim Beget jewelry is completely handmade. Starting with wire on a spool, spinning it into coils, and cutting it into separate rings. Each ring is hand-woven into a strand of chain. Pendant pieces are cut from German silver sheet, hand filed and soldered. What results is a piece that is unique and possesses the qualities that only the hand-made process can create.