A few new items from Odyn Vovk's spring/summer 2011 collection have arrived. Our photo studio is out of a commission for a short bit longer while the Field House is being renovated, so webstore photos are pending, but stop by to check things out!

Odyn Vovk - 2-Pocket Leather Shirt
in black
DETAILS: Slim-fitting leather shirt-jacket made a super tough calf hide. Clean, basic design with raw seam work on the front and back to create a unique silhouette. While the fit is on the slim side, this supple leather will stretch and mold to the wearer's body for a second-skin fit. Unlined. Six-button closure. Raw hem. Made in the USA.

Odyn Vovk - TRJ Linen Jacket
in black
DETAILS: Mid-weight shirt-jacket made from a tough outer layer of 100% linen with 98% cotton/2% lycra lining. Each sleeve is constructed from two pieces of fabric which goes from mid-chest/back down to the sleeve, eliminating the shoulder seam. Two side double-welt pockets. Raw/controlled seams. 5-button closure. Made in the USA.

Odyn Vovk - Signature 13-Loop Jeans
in black
DETAILS: The return of Odyn Vovk's highly popular slim black stretch denim. Slim leg with a slight taper and subtly twisting seams. Pocket on the right-hand-side thigh with black-coated zip closure. 13 belt loop detail. Small insert of extra fabric at the top of the inseams, between the front and back portions, to allow for more movement. Tough-as-nails triple stitch construction through most seams.