Alden fans know that our Blackbird custom make-up models are hard to come by.  Here is your chance to secure a pair of our special Blackbird exclusively designed shoes or boots before they sell out.  This Spring we have 4 classic Blackbird models coming back into stock, 3 classic Blackbird models in new color combination and a few new designs all together.

To place a pre-order we require a 50% down-payment.  We are expecting these shoes to start rolling in immediately with the last pairs hitting our floor before the end of April.  If this is something you are interested either email or visit Jack at The Field House where you can be properly fitted.

Alden for Blackbird - Blackbird Short Wing
in burgundy (seen above)
or black NEW COLOR
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Alden for Blackbird - Hayburner
in black alpine grain with number 8 cordovan saddle
or black alpine grain with whiskey cordovan saddle NEW COLOR
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Alden for Blackbird - Summer Oxford
in tan (seen above)
or reverse tobacco chamois NEW COLOR (leather sample seen here)
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 Alden for Blackbird - Christopherson's Creamery Milkman Boot
in black shell cordovan (see above)
or in #8 shell cordovan NEW COLOR
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