9 more days!

If you have walked by the Field House in the past week or so, you may have noticed some seemingly empty apple barrels and wondered why they were there. The empty barrels are actually housing some incubators and up to 3 rare and exotic chicken eggs that we hope will hatch within the next week or so.

Seattle is a fantastic city for urban chickens. The City of Seattle now allows up to 8 hens to one household. Imagine raising your own eggs instead of buying them at the store. Chickens also eat bugs and can keep our yards pest free! Chickens are also easy to care for and are becoming a very popular addition to many neighborhood gardens.
One goal of The Field House is to demonstrate the old ways of doing things and encourage people to use their hands to create the world they live in. This experiment is to show how simple it is to create the food we eat and keep the process out of the factories.

The idea to incubate chicks came from Suzy, Blackbird's Display Lead. She says, "I grew up in the Kent Valley in the 50's when it was a tiny farm town of 2,000 people. I'll never forget when the local feed and grain store put an incubator in their front window one Spring and since it was on my way to school each day, I could check out the progress of the baby chicks. Since TV was still something that we didn't have at home yet, the baby chicks became a major event for lots of us grade schoolers at the time."

You may also have noticed a large chicken coop in the middle of the store. The coops can be ordered by talking to a The Field House Sales Associate. They come in different sizes and take around two weeks to create and deliver to your home (in Seattle). One our employees said "WOW... Its kind of like a DWELL home for chickens." For more info on ordering, stop by The Field House and talk to Suzy or Rick, or shoot us an email at
In the meantime, stop by to see how the eggs are doing. Once they've hatched the little guys will go to a friends farm to live. For now you can enjoy watching the miracle of life right here in Ballard.