Meet Arleigh! Arleigh works in the office as part of our web sales team and what a delight she is. Always there to answer your phone calls from all over the world, measuring clothes to make sure they will fit you just right or making lemon tea in the kitchen. Make sure you email her to place an order or just to say hi. Welcome Arleigh!

Where are you from ? I'm from Longwood Florida, which is basically in Orlando.

Favorite color ? My favorite color is green and gray- TWO!

Favorite band ? This question?...I'll say, I can listen to Wilco and never get sick of it.

Favorite breakfast food ? Fresh fruit! And a delicious cup of coffee too, please.

Where can we find you on a Friday night? Friday night, it depends on the Friday night my friend. Either some chill time at home or hanging with friends.

What inspires you? I am inspired by my family. I'm the youngest of three with wonderful parents. There are certainly similarities amongst the five of us, but we are individuals for sure. I love that I can learn and grow and be inspired by each of them. They rule!

What's the best prank you ever pulled? Long story, but once upon a time a group of my girl friends tricked all of our guys friends into thinking we were lost out in the woods at a party- we essentially sent them on a rescue mission for us while we watched from the sideline. I think one of them brought a knife. They have never gotten over it, because it was that good.