The Inside Source featured The Field House in their Behind the Seams feature on America's best menswear shops. We were more than flattered to be included with such a great list of shops!

The Field House was conceived in 2009 as an experimental pop-up shop in the backyard (literally) of the Blackbird store, a cornerstone of Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. The shop pays homage to the traditions of a bygone era. There are fashion and accessories, but also dry goods like soda, candy, coffee and toothpaste, and even wooden hatchets. Shopping here will make you feel as if you’ve traveled back in time, which is precisely how owner Nicole Miller wants it.

The Inside Source:
How would you describe your customer?

Nicole Miller: Strangely, it's everyone. We get the young, the old, men, women and children of all social castes.

The Inside Source: What is the philosophy behind the brands and objects you carry?

Nicole Miller: We strive to present products that embody the ideas of old. Things are hand made, made by old companies or simply evoke feelings from the past through their designs. People are losing the ability to make things with their own hands. We want to inspire and educate our community to learn and be more self-sufficient.

The Inside Source:
What are the items you're carrying that you are most excited about?

Nicole Miller:

1. The new Pendleton Vintage Fit shirts. They're now offering slimmer fits to fit our demographic. Prices are generally under a hundred dollars for a nice wool shirt.

2. Ballard Bee Co. honey.

3. The Strong Hold jeans, A Los Angeles based company-reproducing denim in the spirit of the original company from 1895's designs and methods.

4. All of our new Alden for Blackbird shoes and boots. This collaboration was truly a great experience and we hope for much more in the future.

5. Blackbird Coffee: We worked with local [store] Cafe Vita to create a blend that we think everyone will like.

The Inside Source: What trends do you see happening in men's fashion right now?

Nicole Miller: I see a split between American and modern contemporary styles. The average American male still insists on dressing baggy and/or sloppy, but is starting to catch on to the idea of wearing clothes that fit and are appropriate. Things are changing.

The Inside Source: What's the perfect "suit" for a Field House guy?

Nicole Miller: Anything that looks like it's from another time. We love layers and textures with lots of accessories.

The Inside Source: Your three favorite designers?

Nicole Miller: This may have nothing to do with The Field House, but my current list of favorite designers is The Viridi-anne from Japan and Alessandro of Nasomatto fragrances.

The Inside Source: For a guy trying to build his wardrobe, which accessories are key?

Nicole Miller: A few good basic ties, real socks (not tube) and a nice wallet.

The Inside Source: What style icons do you return to again and again for inspiration?

Nicole Miller: Steve McQueen, Siki Im, Marlene Dietrich and my dad.

The Inside Source: What other influences are important to you?

Nicole Miller: Right now I am obsessed with fragrance and research non-stop in my spare time. I am also influenced by the music of my youth: The Clash, The Smiths and The Misfits. Native Americans and the mountain men fur trappers. Life on the sea. Life on the farm. Ballet Russe. Japanese design and culture. Canning and preserving food.