The wait is over! The chicks are here and are chirping their way into the hearts of everyone who has come into the Field House. These little guys are CUTE and are having a blast hanging out in their own custom made chicken coop, which you can special order direct from the Field House. These beautifully made coops are perfect for the urban farmer, a MUST see!

Now that the chicks are here, we need to name them and we need YOUR help! Come by the Field House and put your best baby chick name into the draw. We will choose the best name on Friday, April 22nd and post it here on the blog and you will receive a $50 gift card to use at any of our stores! Come one, come all, bring your friends and welcome our baby chicks. The chicks will be hanging out for about two weeks before they head "to the farm" (our owner Nicole's house) to grow up and lay eggs of their own.

Unnamed (breed: Ameraucana) Help us name this one!

left to right: Brian Paquette Jr. (breed: Rhode Island Red, produces light brown eggs, Unnamed (breed: Amerucana, produces blue/green eggs), Sriracha (breed: Ameraucana , produces blue green eggs)

Sriracha (breed: Ameraucana)

More pictures to come!