The A.P.C. New Cure has become the one jean in the closet of countless men. Dudes who wear the New Cure find themselves in a denim wonderland that they never want to leave, frequently opting to change out their old pairs of jeans for more pairs of New Cures. And while we here at Blackbird can appreciate a bit of diversity, we stand wholeheartedly behind the Cure-laden closet. Why do you ask? Because the jean is just that good.

A.P.C. New Cure

in Raw

If you like slim without going too skinny, if you want the ultimate fade from a raw jean, and if you need the quality and durability that Jean Touitou stands behind at A.P.C., then The New Cure is your perfect remedy. If you want to see what we're talking about when we say "Ultimate Fade," here are a couple examples of these beauties after a little bit of wear:

After six months of hard wear and two washes (from the Local 35)

After nine months unwashed

The Grand Poobah: After 26 months, one soak, three washes. Brilliant.