Hello from the smelliest corner of the Blackbird village [not including the chicken coop]. Yes, it's your friends from the Apothecary again, here to provide you with grooming guidance and fragrance formulations to hopefully make a bit more pleasant the trials and tribulations of living in the city (or the country, for that matter.) Today our topic of focus is a treat we came up with recently that's been a real hit with both the ladies and gents alike. We give to you, the Apothecary Sample Vial

Apothecary Sample Vial

Available in-store only!

Even if you know that you like the smell of something, it's valuable to give that scent some wear on your skin before you commit. Notes will change, sometimes dramatically, as the fragrance is exposed to air and with each person's distinct body chemistry. Designed with the shopper in-mind, the sample vial is a helpful addition that allows your nose to test-drive a fragrance before making the plunge into a full bottle. The sample vial is also the perfect avenue for experimentation, making it easy to try branching out from the tuberose you've been wearing for ten years now without having to realize after buying a different bottle that all you want is more tuberose. We want people to smell different things, to find their signature scent(s), and we're proud to present the Apothecary sample vial as our newest tool to aid us in our pursuits.