Blackbird has been robbed! Our brand new run of Hazlewood Jeans in stolen black had a bit of a bumpy ride to Seattle. Somewhere out in the universe are a few rogue pairs of these great jeans in the hands of thieves who shall forever be followed by the ghost of Blackbird past. But don't worry we've your size in stock now!

Anyways...we decided to try something new with our ever popular Hazlewood Jean. Same cut, new denim. These jeans feature black warp and weft raw cone denim (pretty darn rare). The back patch is also a little new, we flipped the leather and are now showcasing the soft and  textured suede side. Same black hardware, a slight waxy finish that will age beautifully with each and every wear. Pick up your pair soon before they're gone.

Blackbird- Hazlewood Jean
in stolen black