Blackbird recycles. Do you? Now you can. We went on a treasure hunt and found this gem. A Classic 1935 Jumbo Alt Heidelberg beer bottle from what was the Columbia Brewing Company.

"Emil Kliese (pictured seated on the far right) was a 35 year old, German-born brewmaster who had emigrated in 1883, and by 1890 was working at a brewery in St. Louis.

In the mid-1890's, Kliese made his way west securing a position with the newly established Capital Brewing Co. (later the Olympia Brg. Co.) in Tumwater, WA. By 1899 he was their head brewmaster. A business opportunity arose when some Tacoma investors wanted to open another brewery in that town. They required an expert brewmaster, and he wanted to operate his own brewery. So he, along with, William C. Kiltz (pictured above seated on the left) , filled for articles of incorporation on the 8th of February, 1900 "to brew and sell at wholesale and retail beer and other malt beverages" at a company to be known as the Columbia Brewing Company." The brewery's start-up was aided by the larger Pacific Brewing & Malting, a major shareholder. By 1900 it became a brewing company, and by 1906 the company controlled Columbia but allowed it to operate and martket itself independently. They had a number of brands of beer and in September of 1912 they added "Alt Heidelberg" (Old Heidelberg). Fast forward and Columbia Breweries, Inc. was purchased by Heidelberg Brewing Co. in 1949 but continued to do business as Columbia. On July 15, 1953, the brewery officially changed its name to Heidelberg Brewing Company.

The Student Prince was the main character in "Alt Heidelberg," a popular play that opened in 1903. Then in 1924 the play was made into a successful operetta titled "the Student Prince," and was also made into a silent movie of the same name. The operetta was revived in the '30s, so the Student Prince was a very popular character to connect with the brewery."

All that to say- it's cool to find a local product like this in such great condition all these years later. We encourage you to follow the motto "reuse! reduce! recycle!" and pick this up as a great addition to your bookshelf or coffee table.

Alt Heidelberg Beer Bottle
Blackbird Vintage
Extremely large Classic 1935 10 inch tall Alt Heidelberg Jumbo Extra Pale Beer bottle with "Student Prince" label from Tacoma, WA Colombia Breweries Inc. Thick amber colored glass and a piece of beer and American history that would look fantastic as a display piece. You can set this on a shelf to shine on its own or use it as a vase. Fill it with rocks or coins and use it as a book end.
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