Oh, hello there. Tough to start a conversation around the Bird here lately without Mr. Owens coming up, and with that in mind, we got to thinking...

You're ready for your night out: you've got your leather jacket, your boots, your fancy black tech pants, and all seems well. Except for one thing. You realize while stepping out of your ride that you still smell like the Pho you ate for lunch. Fear not, Blackbird's got your back. Here's a few fragrances perfect for your dark nights out, carefully curated to accentuate the RICK OWENS blanket you haven't been able to unwrap yourself from, or maybe just the Rick socks we don't blame you for forgetting to take off in the pre-leaping into bed commotion.

Read: Deeper, darker fragrances with rich, sultry notes, perfect for twilight rendezvous

Ulrich Lang
100 mL

Leather and moss base with notes of geranium leaves, jasmine, bergamot, sage, touches of mint and basil, and a lightly sweet complexion given by sesame and honey. This unmistakably masculine, undeniably unusual fragrance is set apart from others in its class by its brilliant contrast and extremely high quality ingredients. You'll smell what we mean.

L'Artisan Parfumeur
Méchant Loup
100 mL

Translating to "Naughty Wolf," or even "The Big Bad Wolf," Méchant Loup skulks around the dark shade of a hidden hazelnut tree, seductively imploring you to lend your nose to its fruit. The deep and smokey blend here is impeccable, moving from one genius note to the next, marked at the fore by big notes of hazlenut, honey, dry leaves, and licorice. Tonka bean, sandalwood, and myrrh add heft. Completely in a class of its own.

L'Artisan Parfumeur
100 mL

The most femme-accessible option we're presenting to you for your dark night out (or your night in with your dark knight) is Dzongkha. We think it's the bees knees. Peony, iris, incense, and vetiver create an accord in Dzongkha that's nostalgic though I cannot place from where exactly the memory comes. Leather, tea, cypriol (cypress oil), and my personal favorite, lychee, compliment this woody floral that smells unlike any bouquet of flowers I've ever smelled. Dzongkha is perfectly suitable for man and woman alike, and smells even better shared directly from his skin to hers (or vice-versa.)

The Blackbird Apothecary