The Vim Beget Blackbird Jean is a very limited run (12 pairs to be exact) of custom, hand distressed and treated Hazlewood jeans. We gave Vim Beget free reign to go nuts and make these jeans something truly their own. The coloring on the jeans reminds us of a dark grey smoke cloud just after an explosion, the distressed lighter tones being the faint lightness in the sky as the cloud dissipates. 

With each pair of jeans comes an individually handcrafted key fob made by Vim Beget from a distressed d-shackle, German silver logo and kidskin leather which showcases their eye for detail much like his jewelry. As with any collaboration, these jeans represent a lot of hours of sifting through ideas and hard work to make something very special for you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did making them.

DETAILS: Blackbird and Vim Beget teamed up to create a run of repurposed Stolen Black Hazlewoods. The denim has been faded and then waxed with a mix of beeswax and paraffin wax. The pockets are distressed along the edges. The jeans include a key chain made from a repurposed d-shackle and kidskin leather strap, which hangs from the right belt loop.

Due to the treatment, these jeans are running a size small, so we recommend you buy a size larger.