There's nothing worse than walking around town on a hot day and reaching for the hand of your significant other to find that it's as rough and abrasive as sandpaper. It's especially unfortunate because during the Summer, with so much less water in the air, skin is more prone to dehydration, dryness, cracking, and a plethora of other frustrating conditions likely to convert any hero into a zero with startling speed.

"But Blackbird Apothecary, what can I do to mend my manual mallady?"

Funny you should ask. Depending on the degree of your skin's bad reaction to the sun, and your preferred level of sensory indulgence, Diptyque Paris offers two products designed to moisturize the epidermis while offering some of the most robust, regal, and really freaking good scents you can find in a lotion of any nature. For your dry skin, or any skin interested in the luxury care of Diptyque's phenomenal balms and rubs , we present:

Rich Butter for the Body
200 mL
Main Ingredients: Rose floral water for moisture and soothing, Organic honey for radiance, Organic Virgin Argan oil to nourish and provide long-term protection from the environment
Fragrance Notes: Essence of Damask Rose, Essence of Myrrh, Peru balm

Generous Cream for the Hands
50 mL
Main Ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil softens and smoothes the skin with its dry emollient properties, Argan Oil to nourish and provide long-term protection from the environment, Shea butter to moisturize and revitalize
Fragrance Notes: Tonka Bean Absolute, Apricot, Brazilian Orange, South African Buchu