This bag is your bag. From Filson to Blackbird to you. The Filson Medium Field Bag for the modern day Johnny Appleseed. For those on the road, outlawed, hunted like crocodiles, and only at home in the wilderness of stars and back roads. A bag for all paths, in the city or in the country, as brave as the trails you make and made to last as long as your legs will carry you.

Filson, begun in 1897 in Seattle as a Gold Rush stampeder's and logger's outfitter, have long embodied not just the idea of rugged, expert craftsmanship, but also of the one stop general store for the true frontiersman. This legacy, one of escaping the confines of modern convention for the self-discovery of blazing one’s own trail, is a cornerstone of what Blackbird has always been about. This custom bag made for us by Filson is the perfect statement of our long standing relationship with our local patriarch of originality and quality clothing and goods.

Woody Guthrie wrote a song in 1940 in response to Irving Berlin's “God Bless America”. It is perhaps the most quintessential, unpretentious American song ever written. It is a call to arms for those that cannot be told to stay put. It is the response to the sign on the fence that reads “Private Property” as it climbs that fence to see that the back of that same sign is blank. All barriers can be seen as open roads. Nobody can stop you, nobody can make you turn back.

The era of the yegg. Salt Chunk Mary and the Johnson family. Hobo codes and bindlestiffs. Migratory worker, vagabond, restless tramp, the wayfaring stranger. Riding the rails, eating mulligan stew out of a tin cup by the fire. Sleeping under cover of the moon under California blankets. Balling the jack out of town behind the eight ball with the big sleep close behind you. The inspiration we bring to you with this bag is as modern as it is archaic. Your own life’s course is for you and no one else to decide.

The bag is made of 18 oz. Martexin original wax filter twill (the water repellant is not applied to the surface, and instead the fabric is completely impregnated with martexin wax finish). Its color way is Blackbird Black and its quantity is limited to a quantity of 66, like the historic route this bag was made to travel on with thumb extended.

The leather is Filson's famous bridle leather and the buckles and metal hardware are solid brass. A striped bandana is included and ready to tie around your neck, stick in your back pocket, or to bindle your worldly possessions on the end of a stick you found by the side of that road. A Blackbird Hohner harmonica waits in the bag’s inside pocket along with our hand-written sheet music for Woody Guthrie’s ode to repossessing the idea of America, the idea of endless discovery and of being at home in a fenceless wilderness.

Filson -  Medium Field Bag
in blackbird black