We here at Blackbird Ballard are generally sweet on the Nordic Nations year-round, but this week our crush just grew and grew...

...First, our office filled up with fantastic new pieces for the Autumn by Swedish lines HOPE and Our Legacy. You can shop the Our Legacy here, and watch this short video by HOPE, previewing their 2011 Autumn/Winter collection:

This season is inspired by "Sea Captains finding their way from the Arctic Ocean into the land of Lapland looking for inspiration from the Sami culture." We have been oohing and aahing over the stuff since it came in, and we hope to have it up on the web by the weekend. Until then, you can always call Sky or Arleigh for the inside scoop: 866.500.2524.

Second, we got some really exciting news about the Nordic Fashion Biennale, to be held this Fall at Ballard's own Nordic Heritage Museum. Check out the schedule of events here, and stay tuned to the blog for more updates as the Biennale draws near.

Last but not least, we got our Robyn tickets! We haven't stopped dancing since!

Länge leve Skandinavien!