Just two hours outside of Tokyo lies the village of Yuzurihara. There, more than 10% of the villagers are over 80 years old, ten times the ratio found in the United States and Great Britain, yet they have defied the ravages of age. Their hair is thick, their skin smooth and youthful; Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease, even reading glasses, are uncommon in Yuzurihara, known to many as "the village of long life."

Kyoku founder, Asim Akhtar, made it his mission to study the diet of the Yuzurihara villagers, as well as their unique methods of skin care, which involve exfoliating with crushed adzuki beans, and eating starchy root vegetables. Simultaneously, Akhtar has worked tirelessly to develop a radical and complex technology that targets the layer beneath the skin’s surface where collagen is produced. This "Micro-Particle Technology" is designed to alter the metabolic function of skin cells, and by doing so to repair and protect the appearance of male skin from the inside out, leading to a deep, long-lasting change in the collagen support structure.

In essence, by careful examination of the Yuzurihara mode of living, and a scientific reduction of those earth-bound practices into a more dependable method of delivery, Akhtar has created a line of skin-care products that unites technological efficacy with holistic simplicity. The result is a unique and wonderful departure from corrosive and toxic drug-store cleansers, lotions and creams.


Kyoku's Daily Facial Cleanser is a potent mixture that draws inspiration from Japanese herbal skin remedies, and is designed for men of all skin types. Ginseng and peppermint leaves tone the skin, maintaining a youthful glow, while camellia seed (high in oleic acid) penetrates the dermal layer to induce a state of optimum moisture, keeping the skin soft all day. Meanwhile, sunflower oil and oat straw extract combine to protect the skin from the harsh elements. A scrub with this cleanser each day will do wonders to prevent acne, and leave your skin soft yet sturdy, with the light, fresh scent of oriental mint.


This SPF 15 Facial Moisturizer is the ideal sidekick to the heroic Facial Cleanser. This wonderful, never-greasy moisturizer employs natural ingredients like bamboo, glucosamine, and peptide-rich pea extract to reduce wrinkles and age lines. Likewise, a healthy dose of Vitamin E works hard to reduce the free-radicals that lead to oxidative stress, while photosomes derived from photosynthetic plankton protect the skin from UV rays, and algotan, a product of brown sea-weed, protects from UV-B. Finally, the ancient antioxidant of green tea leaf helps rejuvenate the skin, and along with avocado oil, gives it an extraordinarily soft texture.


The Lava Masque is a product that must be tried once by any man who is serious about maintaining the health and beauty of his skin. Naturally charged volcanic mud, volcanic black sand and volcanic ash draw out excess oils and impurities deep from within the skin’s dermal layers; removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, resulting in an extraordinarily even complexion. Simultaneously, 73 essential sea minerals work to increase blood circulation and oxygen levels to promote cellular renewal, strengthening the epidermis from the inside out. Regular use of this phenomenal masque will reduce blackheads and pore-size, giving the face a smooth and vibrant look.

More Kyoku products available online, as well as in the Blackbird Apothecary, now situated in the Field House on Leary Ave. in Ballard.