Our Legacy is a Swedish Menswear line often likened to A.P.C. for its so-called preppiness. Our Legacy co-founder Christopher Nying accepts that comparison, but clarifies that his line is more of the wrinkled blazer in a duffel bag, "preppy from a distance." Our Legacy's aim is " to create timeless garments in a natural, well-dressed, and comfortable way... not over-strained, nor too fashiony; conservative but playful and relaxed in expression; sophisticated yet light and nonchalant; made to look thrown together in a perfectly natural way..." In short, Our Legacy is perfect for the well-dressed ruffian.

Portrait of Lewis Payne, 1865

Alexander Gardner (1821 - 1882) was a Scottish-born photographer of the American Civil War and of the American West during the latter part of the 19th century. Gardner moved to the United States in 1856, when he was hired by the photographer Mathew B. Brady as a portrait photographer. When the American Civil War erupted in 1861, Gardner assisted Brady in his effort to make a complete photographic record of the conflict. Brady, however, refused to give Gardner public credit for his work. Gardner therefore left Brady in 1863, opened a portrait gallery in Washington, and continued to photograph the hostilities on his own. Gardner took the last know portrait of Abraham Lincoln before his death, as well as these haunting portraits of Lewis Payne, one of the four conspirators hanged for the attempted assassination of members of Abraham Lincoln's cabinet in 1865.

Payne, in Sweater, Seated and Manacled, 1865

in army grain black
DETAILS: Five eyelet black army grain oxford with toe cap. Featuring round waxed cotton laces, full leather lining, double waterlock sole, and hand nailed stacked leather heel with rubber heel strike.
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