The original storefront, at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain

This week Diptyque is celebrating its 50th Anniversary, and we wish them all the best! Diptyque began as a small boutique, founded by three friends and artists who shared a passion for creativity and design. In 1961, they opened a shop at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain to showcase their avant-garde fabric designs and decorative items from their travels. The trio offered colored candles to match their fabrics, adding perfumed wax, and soon their customers fell in love with the inimitable fragrances. Word traveled and their cachet grew. In 1963, they introduced the first Diptyque scented candle. In 1968, the first line of Diptyque fragrances was launched. Today, the three Parisian artists are world-renowned purveyors of fragrance and scented candles, as well as personal care products.

If you have not yet entered the enchanting, luxurious world of Diptyque, what on earth are you waiting for?
Mythic, rare and precious like. Gold, for Arab negotiators, incense for Egyptians, or aphrodisiac spice in China. Unique notes, both subtle and enchantingly warm, woody and leathery.

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Diptyque's first scent, L'Eau, created in 1968 from a 16th century potpourri recipe, is one of the most timeless scents we carry here in the Blackbird Apothecary, and one of our absolute favorites. It is the scent of 17th century Paris, when it was common for people to allow potpourris to fill their homes with their striking, spicy aromas. It is the scent of early modern history, sparing not a single embellishment or decoration typical of the time, though adroitly composing these elements with precision and tact so as not to overwhelm or offend the nose of the smeller. L'Eau is undeniably spicy, slightly heavy, though not too much to prevent this fragrance from being worn by both sexes. The open is marked by a clean burst of clove with geranium and cinnamon accents that smells surprisingly fresh. As we move towards the heart of the fragrance, cinnamon comes more into focus, bringing with it a rose note that fits in perfectly to add a rosy-floral layer that helps soften the spices. Geranium, as well, lends its quite particular scent. From here the fragrance gets much more substantial, as the introduction of the sandalwood in the base provides warmth and substance. It takes some time for the healthy dose of cinnamon and clove to fade into the sandalwood, and they never do entirely, but over time the scent does soften quite nicely.

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This deliciously rich cream is a total indulgence and a sumptuous blend of choice ingredients. Rich Butter combines the renowned soothing properties of rose floral water with the radiance-boosting effects of organic honey. Argan oil protects and nourishes even the driest, sensitive skin. Diptyque Rich Butter leaves the skin glowing and delicately perfumed.
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