All joking aside, the Cannabis Candle by Malin+Goetz is something special. This spicy, exotic clean-burner is a modern take on the "chypre" scent. Chypre is the name given to a family of fragrances that date back as far as the Roman Empire, and are known for their blending of citrus top notes with a woody base. Often, chypres incorporate floral notes and herbals, patchouli and musk, resulting in rich, dynamic and compelling fragrances.

The Cannabis Candle improves upon the classic chypre formula, bringing fig and pepper into the mix to spice things up a bit, while adding a layer of deep, sweet earthiness. Citrus notes of bitter orange play a cleansing, calming role, and all the while the warm sandalwood and exotic patchouli mystify the senses. From start to finish, this candle lives up to the creators' description: "uplifting intoxication and general aphrodisia."

DETAILS: top notes of fresh lemon and orange, middle notes of fig and pepper, with a sophisticated base of oakmoss, sandlewood and amber-patchouli. Candles in the Malin+Goetz line, while wonderful on their own, are created with blending in mind. The Cannabis Candle is designed to be burned with the delightfully fresh Neroli Candle, creating a unique blend, and perfect sensual experience.

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