Before Josh Homme hit the big time with Queens of the Stone Age, he played feral leads for Palm Desert, California's own, Kyuss. And what a band that was. Sludgy, growling, and heavy as a ton of lead, Kyuss helped define the stoner rock genre, not to mention lay the entire framework for Queens' subsequent success. They had a more mean and evil sounding singer than Queens and had some of the best song titles of all time as well: Demon Cleaner, Tangy Zizzle, The Thong Song, Fatso Forgotso and Thee Ol' Boozeroony. They broke up in '95 and Homme has put the kabosh on any reunion plans ever since.

Well, the rest of the band decided they'd go it without Homme and have rechristened the reformation as "Kyuss Lives!". They are blowing through town this Tuesday, November 22nd at the Showbox at the Market. Tickets are $25 but this one's gonna sell out like nobody's biz. Last time they came around Clinton was still in office and Saturday Night Live was still funny so check them now before they take another hiatus. Thank us later for the heads up, go get tickets NOW.