The era of the yegg. Salt Chunk Mary and the Johnson family. Hobo codes and bindlestiffs. Migratory worker, vagabond, restless tramp, the wayfaring stranger. Riding the rails, eating mulligan stew out of a tin cup by the fire. Sleeping under cover of the moon under California blankets. Balling the jack out of town behind the eight ball with the big sleep close behind you. The inspiration we bring to you with this coat is as modern as it is archaic. Your own life’s course is for you and no one else to decide.

From Our Legacy comes this totally rustic return to hobo outerwear of the early twentieth century. An overcoat to literally live in until the weather starts to turn the other way come next May. At it's base, its a navy blue herringbone tweed coat made from an 80% wool 20% nylon blend. Features include wide notched lapels, a four button front closure, slanted double welt front pockets with flaps, and one-piece raglan sleeves with tucks at shoulder. Inside is a quilted nylon body and sleeve lining with single interior patch pocket. Wear this top coat over a cashmere sweater or a pair of dirty overalls. Walk in it with an ivory handled cane or a bindle. Either way, you'll look like a million bucks to us.
Our Legacy - Hobo Coat
in Navy
sizes: S, M, L, XL