The Chemist Boot balances dress style and work performance like no other boot. Why? We don't know, really. It could be the black shell cordovan leather, creating a look and feel of a lab technician's go to shoe with a slight suggestion of a punk rock monkey boot. It could be the natural gum rubber crepe sole which is at home on hospital linoleum or dive bar dance floor. The black threaded hand-stitched moc toe might make this the bastard step child of the Indy Boot. But when it is added to the aforementioned components, an entirely new pedigree is established and a truly independent statement is made, not unlike Beethoven drunk on a B-3 Hammond.

We limited the Chemist Boot to 18 pairs. You will be hard pressed to find a boot with as much comfort, durability, and singularity as this. Like our Alden for Blackbird custom Foss Tugger and Christopherson's Creamery boot styles, we aren't messing about here. Collectibility, longevity, craftsmanship, class and non-conformity. There is the status quo and there is one of a kind. Given the choice, which would you prefer?

in black
DETAILS: STYLE: High-top blucher boot with a moc toe. LAST: Barrie. UPPER: Horween black shell cordovan leather. OUTSOLE: Natural plantation crepe outsoles with fitted leather tip. INSOLE: vegetable tanned leather with the "Made Expressly for Blackbird" heel pod. MID-SOLE: Cork with steel shank for long-lasting strength and support. LACING: 9 no-show blind eyelets with black flat waxed laces. WELT: Single Goodyear leather welt construction with black finish. LINING: Fully leather lined.

SIZING: these shoes run large. We recommend sizing down half a size. If you don't see the size you're looking for, please contact for assistance.

7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 11